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5021 Transparent chart on a cm² grid
5024 Column chart with variable width (histogram)
5025 Save chart as .PNG


5026 Multiple SUBSTITUTE(): The Paper-Stone-Scissors-Relation

Data views

5002 Change small list to multi column
5011 Turn 2 or 3 dimensions into 1
5012 Time-Clock with multiple come-leave (Gantt chart)
5043 Split string formula into sub strings of variable length
5044 Turn array with empty fields into a consecutive column
5052 Copy an EXCEL range into a VBA variable directly
5063 Convert column entries into row cells, depending on key
5071 Fill gaps in data
List of combinations from a set of entries


5003 Assigning weekly values to months
5004 If not a workday: Next (or previous) workday
5009 A Shorter Next Month Formula
5014 Calculate hours without days
5016 Fit a calendar into 256 columns
5017 Convert to Date, typed in as 14/03/
5018 Date and time entries w/o delimiters
5020 Splitting a duration into fixed periods
5028 Time constants, like 1 month = 30.436875 days
Calendar weeks CW of a month
5040 Arriving Friday 13. ...
5050 Count of Saturdays in August 1999
5062 x-th and x-last working day
5064 Workaround for the DATEDIF function

Excel4 macros

5001 Storing And Retrieving Formula Expressions (SETV,GETV)


5022 Very short concatenated linear functions via MIN and MAX
5023 Get short concatenated linear and exponential functions
5033 Conversion between score types
5037 Adding parts of a row by parameters
5038 DSUM: old but not weak
5041 Sum of the last valid x entries
5042 Select an extreme record, decided by subordinate criteria
Binary Replace of leading fillers (instead of sequential)
5046 Convert IP-Address (IP4) between String, Number and Hex
5051 No decimal separator if #,##0.??? is an integer
5055 Use Chart trend line formula as cell formula
5056 Count letters in a cell
5057 Service charge (step function)
5058 Use 1 instead of 2 interval boundaries
5059 Get included VAT-Amount
5060 MATCH in an array, returning row+column 
Convert String to Number
5065 SUBSTITUTE depending on country
5066 SUMIF with a list as criteria
5069 {End}{Arrow}-like range in a formula
5070 Array formula within Data Validition


5007 Upper limit VLOOKUP
5008 VLOOKUP speeded up by cutting range
5053 Calculate Lookup inside IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP( once only
5054 Why MATCH is more efficient than VLOOKUP


5005 Formula philosophy
5006 Worksheet design
5019 School - week tables of resources
5027 Simple German payroll application (for free)
5029 Project planning
5031 Copy (or: clone) formulae identically as "Cut" does
5032 Hierarchical validities
5034 Permanent sort of next birthdays
5035 Keyboard overlay for printouts
5039 Print or fax bank transfers (Germany)
Conditional Formatting
Search and replace characters like CR
5049 Print Labels without MS Word


5013 Conditional cell protection
5015 Include Non-Alert-VBA into shipped files

VBA-Functions or -Code 

5036 VBA function with range type argument
5045 Binary Replace of leading fillers (instead of sequential)
5067 Counting unique items between 2 columns
5068 VBA Routines (I): Objects


5010 Inserted/deleted row breaks formula