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How to do  (for Excel 2000)

1. Select chart - it should have the intended size
2. Shift-Alt-Edit Copy Chart
3. Choose as follows: As displayed / Format: Bitmap
4. Open MS Office Photo Editor oder another program, open the file or insert as a new picture.
5. If you prefer, change the chart's background to Transparency
6. Save chart as .PNG -
   the file is smaller (often only half the size of .GIF),
   browsers can display it,
   without royalties since .PNG is a free format;
   it is no-loss compressed, like .GIF .
7. Excel charts should be used as vector graphics: .SVG is displayed in Firefox 1.5.


Copy the German code into a VBA module - VBA is international! To save as .PNG, follow steps 4. and so on above.