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Blaschke, Klaus - Breden, Melanie - Longré, Laurent - Pago, Klaus "Perry" - Plumhoff, Bernd - Pölt, Franz - Ramel, Thomas - Vollmeier, Dietmar - Whooper, William H.

Blaschke, Klaus

5064 Workaround for the DATEDIF function

Breden, Melanie http://www.melanie-breden.de

5036 VBA function with range type argument

Longré, Laurent http://xcell05.free.fr/

5001 Storing And Retrieving Formula Expressions (SETV,GETV)

Pago, Klaus "Perry"

5013 Conditional cell protection
5041 Sum of the last valid x entries
5043 Split string formula for into strings of variable length (cell function)
5044 Turn array with empty fields into a consecutive column    

Plumhoff, Bernd http://www.sulprobil.com/

5007 Upper limit VLOOKUP
5033 Conversion between score types
5043 Split string formula into sub strings of variable length (VBA function)
5053 Calculate Lookup inside IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP( once only

Pölt, Franz

5003 Assigning weekly values to months
5018 Date and time entries w/o delimiters

Ramel, Thomas http://users.quick-line.ch/ramel/

5014 Calculate hours without days
5031 Copy (or: clone) formulae identically as "Cut" does

Vollmeier, Dietmar

5063 Convert column entries into row cells, depending on key

Whooper, William H.http://www.willyhoops.com/

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