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In the file (see documentation inside) you get the following:

1. Week table per
- student (Schüler)
- teacher (Lehrer) and
- room (Raum)

2. Students list per
- course (Kurs)
- teacher (Lehrer) (not active yet)

They are driven by two-level validity lists. A course is described by the following data:

- course: subject (Eng), class (13) and running n° (4) as Eng-134 in this example.
- time: 3 characters, 108 as 1st day Monday, 8:00 hours. Multiple times possible per course.
- room: 3 characters, A01 as room 01 in building A. Different rooms possible per course.
- teacher: his name. Different teachers possible per room.

Conditional formatting warns about both colliding one course twice in the same time and use of different than one space between two courses, listed in the student's course's string.