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Alexander Wolff, Teerhof 42, D-28199 Bremen (you find all .de-domain holders here)

Why this web?

There are many good existing Webs for helping with spreadsheets. So this homepage only adds further ideas and alternatives. Used programs: Excel 2000 SP3 German, SpreadCE German and Engl. (Version Juni 2006), Open Office 2. - What is my favorite solution? I think, a mixture of speed, size and understanding the model would describe it best. Array formulas often do not meet these goals, while VBA is simply without limits.

Links to this web or single pages of it are appreciated. Errors are always welcome to be reported! You have proposals? They will be presented here, even with your name, if you don't disagree. Please do not ask in case of non-consideration. You might even be asked to allow this web showing your stuff if it is valuable. 

My person: I have been writing in the German Excel-Newsgroup since 2001 and was re-awarded as MS MVP for Excel from Oct. 2006 until Sep. 2010. I have a BA Diploma (1990, TU Berlin). - I, Alexander Wolff, hereby declare:

Disclaimer for third party's links:

"All contents of third party links I refer to in this web I proved to be trustful at time of first mentioning. In case of a change of this matter I will instantly remove links which give a reason for removal, after messaging me. This is a private web. German law therefore does not require a running control for changing contents of third party links without message."

Disclaimer for my own contents on xxcl.de:

"I am not responsible for any damage resulting of this web, encouraging you to test the solutions yourself carefully, by ensuring having copied your previous work."

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU):

There is no personal identifiable information of any kind taken from you by this website. There is no Google Analytics from 23rd May 2018 on. However, if things become easier to be overseen, I might return one day to Analytics since it is (was!) the only small feedback for my site at all. You will find it on this page then. If any one else on the way between me and you tries to take any surveillance on your data I can not be held liable. Technically, it could be my or your provider to the internet, but also any knots, hubs or gateways on the way.


Contact: Please search for lupo1 in German Excel NG's; you may contact me there.